Finishing Strong

Having been in education for over a decade I know that May can be a struggle for teachers, students and parents. With only one month left of school how do we stay focused and finish strong? Today I was reading an article about finishing strong on Go Ennounce and thought I’d share some of the tips with you.

#1 Start a Countdown….Remember in kindergarten, when you counted to the 100th day of school? It was so exciting! Why not bring that enthusiasm in the opposite direction? Mark your last day of school down on a calendar or make your own countdown board of sorts. You can use post-it notes and pull one down each day till you get to end.

#2 Focus….Remind yourself, your students and your child that this part of the school year still counts and that they have worked way too hard all year to slack off now! Just think about how much more enjoyable summer will be without regrets. Remember that there will be ample time when summer comes to do lots of things outside.

#3 Take Class & Studying Outside….When the weather permits try studying outside or encourage your class to go outside for a class lesson.

#4 Reward Yourself…Treat yourself a little each day to keep yourself motivated. Finished that assignment or grading that paper? Great! How about some fun reading, a walk outside or watching a movie with loved ones?

#5 Summer Plans….Now is also a good time to start making other plans for summer, like trips, camps, or other fun activities. Maybe even make some plans with friends. It’s time to make summer 2015 one to remember!

So with this list of five tips, let’s finish strong this year!

Danielle Bryant


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